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Annotate & edit PDF documents easily with PDF Bob

Text tool

Type any text comment right on a PDF document.

Sticky notes

Add long annotations if needed.

Highlight tools

Use highlight, underline or strikethrough to mark text.

Shape tools

Annotate with rectangles, circles, lines and arrows.

Pencil tool

Add freehand annotations to a document with PDF editor.

Sign PDF

Create signature and use it to sign your PDFs.
*Coming soon

Editing features of the PDF Editor

Add images

Place images of JPG, PNG, SVG and other formats on your PDF.

Text tool

Add a new text object to your PDF file.

Add hyperlinks

Add outbound hyperlinks to your PDF documents.
*Coming soon

Pencil tool

Draw freehand objects in 'Edit PDF' mode.

Shape tools

Add new shapes as a part of the document.

Redact tool

Remove text from your PDF to protect sensitive data.

Want more? Manage PDF pages, convert PDF and share result

Rearrange PDF pages

Edit PDF pages’ sequence easily. Delete if needed.

Add new pages

Add blank pages to your PDF document.

Protect PDF

Set password for your files to protect your privacy.

Merge PDF files

Combine PDF files into a single document.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to editable DOC or DOCX files.
*Coming soon

Store and share files

Store files on PDF Bob servers or upload to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Edit PDF online free of charge. No ads, no watermarks.